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Peake - Reception 



Mrs Selby

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Pinard, Mrs Hardy and Miss Cottingham

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Year group/s


PE days

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Homework day

None, although regular reading and practice of keywords is recommended


Please click here to download the Curriculum Overview for Reception. Please see the class teacher for more information

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Useful Information

Welcome to term 4!

Our topic this term is Sowing a seed. Our Term 4 newsletter is available so you can see what else we are getting up to in school this term!

How to help at home

Phonics and keywords

Please continue to practice writing the sounds in your child’s sound book. Also, please continue to learn how to read the keywords given weekly by sight. Many children may lose enthusiasm when presented with a long list of words so below are some fun ideas to help learn the word if this is the case!

  • Focus on one or two words at a time
  • Play games with them e.g. write them on pieces of paper and hide them around the room or in the garden
  • Stick them on the wall or write them on the patio outside in chalk/ and use a water squirter to shoot the word you say
  • Challenge your child to find the words in books, on signs, on the computer or on leaflets.
  • Build the words with magnetic letters
  • Type the words on the computer or tablet
  • Make a simple car park and write a word in each parking space. Ask them to park each car in that space by reading the correct word. 
  • Practise writing a simple sentence using capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.
  • Play rhyming word games.

These games can be adapted in many different ways depending on your child’s interests… have fun!

Please also continue to enjoy sharing and discussing a range of books.

Talk about the pictures and ask your child what they think is happening or to predict what might happen next using the pictures. Can they relate any personal experience or talk about a similar thing they have read in a different book or seen on TV? What do they think about the character? Did they enjoy the story?


  • Look out for shapes around in the environment. Talk about what they are called and their features.
  • Compare the weight and size of different objects and putting them in order from largest to smallest or heaviest to lightest.
  • Talk about numbers and quantities in everyday life using the vocabulary more than, less than, altogether, same as, equal, take away, add.
  • Look for numerals in the environment e.g. phone numbers, house numbers, times, speed signs.
  • Use objects to do simple addition and subtraction e.g. If you have 6 peas how many will you have left if you eat 3?
  • Play board games that involve rolling one or two dice, counting on numbered squares or dominoes.


You may want to go on a minibeast hunt with your child. What can you identify? What are their habitats?

You may also want to plant some flowers or vegetables at home. What do you need to plant these successfully? What do they need to grow well?